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Certified Now Rents a Custom Mine Shaft Inspection Camera System

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   April 21, 2017 13:50

Certified Mining & Construction Sales & Rentals has developed a revolutionary Vertical Mine Shaft Inspection Camera systems with a 360 degree, infrared, live streaming view. Our mine shaft cameras can be attached to a variety of hoist and winch systems, and then guided down the mine shaft, via the custom crosshead camera mount system. The inspection camera has a 360 degree field of view and will live feed crystal clear images and video, even in complete darkness. The video feed from the camera is instantly sent wirelessly to an HD CVI Recorder. The CVI recorder can display the live streaming video on any type of display. We can find no other Vertical Mine Shaft Camera Systems in the world that have these advanced technological features!

Shaft inspections are a constant necessity at any mine and can be a very dangerous undertaking. The Certified Mine Shaft Camera System offers a safe and effective alternative to lowering personnel down a mine shaft for inspection. Worker safety is always the primary concern in the mining industry and with safety training we learn that the best way to avoid an accident is to eliminate potential hazards.

This new and innovative mining solution will make vertical mine shaft inspections safer around the world!

To learn more about this new mining technology you can view the PDF Brochure by clicking on this link


See attached brochure for more details. Certified Mine Shaft Inspection Camera.pdf (1.26 mb)

Contact us for more details on renting the Certified Mine Shaft Inspection Camera System 




Certified is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.


Certified and RDH Bring Battery Powered Scoop to Display at Mining Supply Chain Forum

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   April 3, 2017 09:53

Certified will have RDH Mining Equipment's MUCKMASTER 3TEB on display at the Mining Supply Chain forum tomorrow April 4 and Wednesday April 5 at Praireland Park in Saskatoon.  Visit our display and ask us, "How can battery powered equipment can lower mine operating costs?"

Watch the video in link below to learn more about RDH and their battery powered equipment.


Certified will also have a indoor booth with various equipment on display.  Our indoor booth number is 236.

We look forward to seeing you at the Mining Supply Chain Forum!  Details and tickets at https://www.picatic.com/2017miningsupplychainforum