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Certified Supplies K3 Mine with 5 Massive Air Hoists

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   December 29, 2020 10:42

Certified was awarded the contract to supply the Mosaic K3 mine with hoists to facilitate the install of a new Bin. K3 rented five 37.5 Ton JD Neuhaus Air Hoists to complete the job. The Air hoists were delivered on time and Mosaic was happy with excellent working condition of our rental Air Hoists. 

Certified is one of only a handful of rental companies in North America that rents specialized underground ready equipment for mines. We also offer equipment recertification and repair services for all types of hoists and winches. 

Visit our website to browse our vast inventory of rental equipment and tools for the Construction and Mining industries.

Certified is Saskatchewan owned and operated.

Contact us today for a quote.

Phone: 306-384-8593

Email: Sales@certifiedsalesandrentals.com 

J.D. Neuhaus Catalogue 

JDN General Catalogue.pdf (6.87 mb)



Certified Recertifies & Re-Ropes Timberland Plumbline Winches for TRL Mining & Construction

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   December 3, 2020 15:13

Certified recently fulfilled a large order for TRL Mining & Construction that is contracted by BHP. We recertified 12 Timberland Plumbline / Plumb bob winch drums. This included removing the 7000ft of existing wire rope and replacing it with 5000ft of 1/8 inch wire rope. 

Certified is unique in that we are one of the only companies in Saskatchewan that has the capability to re-rope and recertify winches, hoists and other specialized mining and construction equipment.

Certified Rents Specialized Equipment to Nyrstar Myra Falls Mine for Electrical Cable Install

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   October 16, 2020 12:26
Certified recently had a large rental order to Nyrstar Myara Falls, one of the largest mines in British Columbia. Myra Falls is located in a provincial park in central Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The site is approximately 90 km from the local coastal town of Campbell River and its port, on the North-east side of Vancouver Island. The Myra Falls zinc-copper-gold (lead-silver) mineral deposits are comprised of complex metal-zoned Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide deposits. Its formation hosts a geologically diverse collection of mineralized body with the principle sulfide minerals being sphalerite, pyrite and chalcopyrite with minor galena, bornite, tennantite with locally significant secondary copper. 
 Nyrstar is installing 3000' feet of electrical cable. Nystar rented the following equipment to install the cable:
  • 60" Deflection Sheave with base
  • Multiple 8 Ton Snatch Blocks
  • Multiple Hook type Sheaves with 8,000 lbs capacities
  • Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Hydraulic Reeling Machine with a 38,000 lbs W.L.L.
  • Thern Air Winch
  • Banding Tool
  • Ear-lokt Buckles
Certified rents specialized tools and equipment to the Mining and Construction industries

Call 306-384-8593
Email sales@certifiedsalesandrentals.com 

Certified Becomes a Dealer For Axiom Light Towers

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   October 7, 2020 13:24

We are now offering both The MetroLite HLT 6100 and the ELT-4320 LED Light Tower for rent or sale. Both are superior light towers to the competition. 

The HLT-6100 Light Tower uses solar power to efficiently illuminate your night time operations. Through advanced hybrid technology and solar power, the HLt-6100Hybrid LED light tower uses daylight to efficiently, continually and cost-effectively illuminate your job site night. The low fuel consumption of this Solar Diesel Hybrid Light Tower provides a savings up to 28 liters of diesel per night.

Features include:

  • Solar hybrid capabilities maximizes fuel savings
  • Heavy duty steel galvanized frame and mast
  • GPS and Telematics Capable
  • Automatic on at dusk, off at dawn feature
  • Auxiliary power outlet
  • Rugged, multi stage vertical mast
  • 4 Outriggers
  • 6 VisionX LED Lamps
  • Reversible pintle hitch/ball hitch
  • Power coated steel exterior
  • Kubota Engine

ELT-4320 LED Light Tower

Thanks to the ELT-4320 LED Light Tower’s special sockets, this light tower can be connected in a series up to 5 units. With a height of 7 meters and 4 x 320W LED lights, this nimble light tower brings brilliant illumination to your job site for little cost. This compact light tower ships 28 units per container/truck, and has a low weight that makes it easy to move and transport.

Features include:

  • Easy maneuverability with wheelbarrow-style base and handles
  • Forklift pockets and four lift points
  • Rotating mast
  • Heavy duty galvanized, multi-stage mast
  • Four multi-positional 320W LED lamps
  • 15A/120V power for single unit
  • 30A/240V power for series of 1-5 units
Contact Certified today for a quote
Phone 306-384-8593
Email sales@certifiedsalesandrentals.com 

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Certified Now The Official Dealer For Campo Heaters

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   October 5, 2020 15:42

Certified has partnered with Campo Heaters to supply industry with the best heaters on the market. We are carrying the full line of Campo heaters:

  • Self Contained 400K or 600K BTU Trailer
  • Cart Mount IDF Heaters
  • Direct Fired 650,000 BTU Heater
  • Skid Mount IDF Heaters
  • Self Contained 1 Million BTU Heater
  • Electric Heaters

Small portable Electric Heaters are increasing in popularity. Why Should You Fleet With CAMPO Electric Heaters? These small but mighty heaters are designed with two ideas in mind. Job site flexibility and durability, which will positively affect your bottom line ROI! The CAMPO fan designs deliver up to more than double the CFM output of our most popular competitors.

  • With more warm air circulating, the environment heats faster, people are more productive and the work gets done faster!
  • The Campo fan runs continuously to keep the workspace comfortable. Painters, Drywaller and Coaters will notice their work being completed faster as the fast moving air wicks the moisture off their work surface! (EB1.5E excluded)

CAMPO heaters allow you to cut your SKU’s/CAT-Class’s by 50%!

  • The Blaze EB6/9E is two heaters in onewith the ability to run on a 30 OR 50 amp circuit with the flip of a switch.
  • The EBBlaze 18E can be converted from 1ph to 3ph with the flip of a switch. The Blaze EB18E is designed to run on 208v OR 240v

We Know Attention to Detail and the ‘Little Things’ add to your Profitability!

  • All CAMPO Electric Heaters are stackable, taking up less storage space in the off-season
  • Powder coated Steel construction for durability
  • The heating coils are wrapped in Stainless Steel for long-life and durability
  • User Friendly
  • Overheat protection built in to every heater
  • UL/CSA*

Certified Now Has The Tuff Built Exosphere Fall Protection Anchor Systems

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   August 27, 2020 10:02

Certified Mining Construction Sales and Rentals now has Tuff Built Exosphere Fall Protection Anchor System available for purchase or rent!

Features of the Exosphere 4x4 Anchor System includes:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy, fast setup time
  • Energy absorbing design
  • 4 stage telescoping mast
  • Adjustable 42ft anchor point
  • Variety of anchor options
  • Heavy duty skid steer tire
  • Four emergency stop switches
  • Audible warning alarm
  • Hi-vis strobe lights
  • Heavy duty leveling jacks
  • Manual rescue system
  • Operated via remote control

We also have 2 other versions of this system; the Highway Trailer System and Customizable Fall Protection Systems







“we rented the Exosphere fall protection system for our railcar loadout. It was mobile and easy to move with a pickup truck and came with 2 SRL’s. Sales staff provided tutorial on safe operation for my crew.” – Jayson P. – The Anderson’s



If you are interested in learning more about these products, click here: https://www.certifiedsalesandrentals.com/brochures.aspx

Please contact Certified Mining Construction Sales and Rentals if you are interested in renting or purchasing this product!

General Manager

Boris Simicic

Ph: 306.384.8593

Fax: 306.384.8597


Certified Becomes a Dealer For Superchute Products

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   May 13, 2020 13:08

Certified is now a Superchute dealer for Saskatchewan. Supershute products are an excellent fit. it's a logical partnership, with Certified already supplying the underground mining and construction industries with specialized tools. Why choose Superchute products? Superchute® has a leg up on the competition, their forms are made with durable polyethylene plastic. The plastic used for our forms have a slippery surface that can be washed clean, so you can re-use the forms multiple times. The forms are unaffected by cold, heat, water and chemicals. Remove the bolts joining each panel, for easy storage and transportation. Most importantly of all our forms are easy to use. 

Certified will carry the full line of Superchute products. This includes: Chute Systems, Nets & Tarps, Column forms and Guardrails. Superchute has every type of chute needed for your next mining or construction job.

Types of Chutes available: 

  • Tremie Chutes
  • Canvas Chutes
  • Chute Hoists
  • Nesting Chutes
  • Telescopic Chutes
  • Snow Chutes
  • Chute Slides

Certified has the full Superchute line for rent or purchase. You can find all of Superchutes product brochures on our Brochures & Flyers web page https://www.certifiedsalesandrentals.com/blog/page/monthly-specials.aspx 


Contact Certified today for a quote on Superchute products

Phone: 306-384-8593

Toll Free: 1 (844) 384-8593

Email: sales@certifiedsalesandrentals.com

COVID-19 Press Release

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   March 27, 2020 11:00

We, as a country, are in an unprecedented health crisis that is affecting all business. Certified Mining & Construction Sales & Rentals serves a variety of critical and essential industries from mining, construction, energy sectors and more. We take this responsibility very seriously. For this reason, we will continue to serve our clients and these critical industries in an effort to support the local, national and international infrastructure and economy.

Because of these important reasons, Certified is CURRENTLY OPERATING and OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

However, in the interest of employee and customer safety, we have locked our doors to public access. Our sales team will be accepting orders via email and phone. Incoming and outgoing shipments will be received by our shipping support staff via our shipping bay entrance.

Call 306-384-8593 when you arrive at the shipping doors to receive your package. We will then leave the package outside or load the shipment for you. This being said, our operating situation could change very quickly.

Using various marketing tools and technologies, we will keep our clients informed by sending emails, posting messages on our website, using digital ads, and other various social media platforms. In addition, we are utilizing a simple means of video/digital communication with our customers and clients for meetings, webinars, screen sharing, etc.

We have the health and welfare of our employees and their families, our customers and vendors as our top priority and main concern. We will continue to follow municipal, provincial and federal announcements regarding COVID-19. To support our employees in this difficult time, we have implemented a number of measures internally. We have followed suggested government health measures: restriction of business travel, social distancing, enhanced sanitation, limiting face to face interaction, minimizing paper document exchanges, staggered work times, and asking employees that feel ill to stay home. We continue to investigate alternative options that will allow us to reduce person to person contact in the workplace while continuing to maintain operations. We will do everything possible to keep everyone safe, to “flatten the curve” and to reduce strain on our healthcare system.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss an order, project or need for your business.

Please call us at 306-384-8593 or visit our contact us page for a specific list of emails and phone numbers for each division.

We hope that everyone in your family and business stays safe and healthy in these trying times.

Garry Clarke
Northern Strands Group of Companies

Certified's Line of Mine Surplus Equipment, Consumables, and Tools

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   February 27, 2020 11:19

Certified Mining Equipment Sales and Rentals has rented and sold equipment to mines across Saskatchewan and Canada. Much of Certified's mine surplus equipment is underground ready, and can be found at Nutrien and Mosaic Mines to name a few. Certified Mining Equipment Sales and Rentals only carries the top mine surplus equipment brands including Neuhaus, Red-D-Arc, Thern, 3M, Vitali, Atlas Copco, Genie, Multiquip, Wacker Neuson and many more.

Certified's  product line of surplus mine equipment is suitable for mining operations in Saskatchewan and across Canada. Some of these mine consumables and tools includes:

  • S250 Line of Stoper Jackleg and Sinker Drills
  • Drill Parts for S250 Stoper Jackleg & Sinker Drills
  • New Pneumatic Screen Pusher and Parts
  • Versa-Matic & Elima-Matic Pumps & Parts
  • Wilden Pumps & Parts
  • Drill Steel
  • Bits
  • Chisel Steel
  • Underground Heavy Surplus Mine Equipment & Parts
  • Anfo Loaders & Parts
  • Mine Shaft Camera Systems
  • Hauling Trucks, Trailers, & Skids
  • Hoisting
  • Material Handling & Lift Baskets
  • Reeling Machines
  • Winches
  • Underground Scoops & Drills


Certified Mining Construction Sales & Rentals offers Recertification of Equipment, Mechanical Services, Underground Ready Equipment, 24/7 Emergency Support, Specialized Tools, Knowledgeable Staff, and 50 Years of Experience. 

If you would like to learn more about Certified's line of Surplus Mine Equipment, please contact us!

Certified Mining & Construction Sales & Rentals Inc.

810 – 57th Street East, Saskatoon SK S7K 5Z1

Phone: (306) 384-8593

Toll Free: 1 (844) 384-8593

email: sales@certifiedsalesandrentals.com 

45 kVA Power Distribution Centre

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   February 26, 2020 10:25


Certified Mining and Construction Sales and Rentals now has a 45 kVA Power Distribution Centre available for rent!

The Power Distribution Centre has the following specs:

  • Serial # S0-2986-001
  • 3 Phase Input Power
  • 500V 45kVA
  • 2 x 600V 50 Amp
  • 2 x 125-250V 30 Amp 4 Prong
  • 2 x 250V 30 Amp 3 Prong
  • 2 x 250V 60 Amp
  • 4 x 125V 30 Amp
  • 1 x Spare 600V 60 Amp Disconnect

If you are interested in additional information on the Power Distribution Centre or if you would like to rent please contact us at

Phone: 306-384-8593

Toll Free: 1-844-384-8593

Fax: 306-384-8597

Email: sales@certifiedsalesandrentals.com