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Certified Gantry Crane Rental; Reducing Lost Time Due To Equipment Failure

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   August 19, 2021 13:09

Across the board when a key piece of machinery goes down it can spell disaster for a company or organization. This is especially true when it come to lifting and safety equipment. Nothing will shut a site down and delay a project faster than the inability to move supplies or keep personnel safe. And what options are you left with? Costly repairs which depending on availability of parts can take even more time from the job or repurchasing equipment which may end up sitting in storage after the job is done. Enter Certified Mining and Construction Sales & Rentals. Stocking 2 different sizes of the Reid Lifting Porta-Gantry Crain, Certified can get you up and running quick.


The porta-gantry is a lightweight, portable lifting system. With a simple onsite assembly requiring minimal tools and personnel, it can be operational quickly without a lot of lost lead time on training and set up. Our largest sized model has a capacity of 11,000 Lbs (5,000 KG) and the smaller one has 250-500 KG capacity.


These Gantry Cranes are available both for sale and rentals.


For more details check out the links below or contact us at:

Phone: 306-384-8593

Email: sales@certifiedsalesandrentals.com


250-500 KG Capacity

11,000 Lb Capacity 



Certified Brochure Featuring New Tools & Equipment

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   May 7, 2018 10:10

Certified's new brochure showcases a new line of mine consumables and tools.

These include the S250 line of Stoper Jackleg, Sinker Drills & and drill parts, new Pneumatic Screen Pusher & Parts, Versa-Matic and Elima-Matic Pumps & Parts, Wilden Pumps & Parts, Drill Steel, Bits, Chisel Steel, Underground Heavy Equipment Parts, and Anfo Loaders & Parts! 

To learn more about all of the new products offered as well as tools & equipment for rent or sale, click the link to view the new brochure: 

 Certified Equipment Brochure.pdf (1.67 mb)


Contact Certified for more information at 306-384-8597




Why Certified is the best choice for the rental of heavy equipment, mining equipment and construction equipment

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   May 5, 2015 13:27

Certified Mining and Construction Sales and Rentals specializes in niche market products. With one of the largest selections of mining equipment and tools for rent or sale in Saskatchewan, you can be assured that we will have the right piece of equipment for the job. Unlike our competition, all of our equipment comes underground ready. 

We pride ourselves with availability of rental tools and equipment by the day, week or month. CMC rents to suit your company’s needs. Once rented, we will transport your piece of equipment to your job site within 24 hours. If ever a problem occurs with your equipment, we service what we sell and offer onsite after hours emergency customer support. At CMC we will always go that extra mile for our clients.

Here is a list of our most popular heavy equipment, mining equipment and construction equipment for rent and sale.

Tuggers, Winches and Blocks
Chain Falls and Lever Hoists
Greenlee Equipment
Concrete Splitters
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Rock Drills and Chipping Hammers
Jobsite Boxcar Tool Skids
Utility Vehicles
Telehandlers and Zoom booms
Air Compressors
Welders and Welding Supplies
Boom Lifts
Concrete Trowels and Screeders
Hydraulic Pumps and Cylinders
Industrial Heaters
PPE gear
Mobile Reel Handler


Certified Mining & Construction Sales & Rentals is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.