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Certified Provides Mines With Underground Proof Load Testing Services For Rigging and Equipment

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   December 24, 2021 09:41

If you have ever seen rigging, tools or equipment brought up from an underground potash mine and left above ground you will notice something happens very quickly to the equipment...corrosion. The potash on equipment, combined with exposure to the elements above ground starts the corrosive process. The simplest solution, don't bring equipment above ground if possible. Yet, mines still require equipment to be recertified annually or it needs to be replaced(an expensive option!). Certified provides a solution for this problem. Rather than bringing the equipment to Certified to pull test, we bring Certified to the equipment! We have set up underground vertical testbeds and provided a trained technician to recertify equipment. A 20ft Vertical Proof Load Testbed is set up underground. The testbed is rated  for 75,000lbs and is used to recertify lever hoists, chain hoists, various slings, and plate clamps. Typically this service is provided during the mine shutdown over a period of 8-10 days. 


Contact Certified today for a quote 

Phone 306-384-8593 or toll free 1-844-384-8593

Email  sales@certifiedsalesandrentals.com

website https://www.certifiedsalesandrentals.com/ 

Certified Recertifies & Re-Ropes Timberland Plumbline Winches for TRL Mining & Construction

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   December 3, 2020 15:13

Certified recently fulfilled a large order for TRL Mining & Construction that is contracted by BHP. We recertified 12 Timberland Plumbline / Plumb bob winch drums. This included removing the 7000ft of existing wire rope and replacing it with 5000ft of 1/8 inch wire rope. 

Certified is unique in that we are one of the only companies in Saskatchewan that has the capability to re-rope and recertify winches, hoists and other specialized mining and construction equipment.

Certified Brochure Featuring New Tools & Equipment

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   May 7, 2018 10:10

Certified's new brochure showcases a new line of mine consumables and tools.

These include the S250 line of Stoper Jackleg, Sinker Drills & and drill parts, new Pneumatic Screen Pusher & Parts, Versa-Matic and Elima-Matic Pumps & Parts, Wilden Pumps & Parts, Drill Steel, Bits, Chisel Steel, Underground Heavy Equipment Parts, and Anfo Loaders & Parts! 

To learn more about all of the new products offered as well as tools & equipment for rent or sale, click the link to view the new brochure: 

 Certified Equipment Brochure.pdf (1.67 mb)


Contact Certified for more information at 306-384-8597




The Most Popular Mining and Construction Equipment for Sale and Rent at Certified

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   July 27, 2015 10:02

Here is a list of our most popular mining and construction equipment for sale and rent at Certified Mining and Construction Sales and Rentals:

Tugger and Winch
Chain hoists
Lever hoists
Beam clamps
Reeving blocks
Sheave blocks
Greenlee equipment
Man baskets
Light towers
Air compressors
40,000lbs reeving hoists
Tool cribs
Underground transport vehicles
concrete splitters
Underground tool cribs
Underground scoop trams
Reel trailers
Motorized reel trailers
Shot crete machines

Certified has the, "Equipment you want, the service you depend on."

We have moved to a new location!  We are now at 810 57th Street East.

Certified Mining and Construction Sales and Rentals is proudly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan owned and operated.