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Certified Specializes in Underground Ready Retrofitted Kubota's for Potash Mines

posted by Certified Sales and Rentals    |   October 27, 2021 11:25

At Certified we pride ourselves on renting and selling equipment that adheres to current mine equipment standards, safety regulations and can withstand the harsh underground conditions of a Potash mine. Currently, our most sought after retrofitted equipment is our underground ready Kubota's.

Our mine ready RTV 900 2 seater and 1140 4 seater Kubota's have 25HP Diesel motors and come with the following modifications and enhancements:

  • Exhaust purifier
  • Cartridge extinguisher
  • 3 point seat belts
  • Scaling bars
  • Mine lighting
  • Smooth tires
  • Fabricated hard shell doors
  • AGM gel batteries 
  • Lowered roll bars 
  • Combo hitch and pinto
  • Back up alarm
  • Master switch
  • Spare tire
In addition, we provide a form A emissions testing certificate. Certified can also retrofit a Kubota to a clients specifications if additional modifications are needed.
Contact Certified today for your rental or purchase quote
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